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The Move to Louisville

On Monday, 30 September 2013, the International Working Group on Compassionate Organizations — now the International Center for Compassionate Organizations — relocated from the Seattle, Washington area to new offices in Louisville, Kentucky.

This move was made for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The social, political, academic, service, and professional climate in Louisville is very conducive and supportive of compassion initiatives (e.g., the first Compassionate University, the first International Center Compassionate Nursing Home).
  • The emergence of a drive to make Louisville an international center for compassion — the "Geneva of North America." Louisville was named the Most Livable Large City in America by the US Conference of Mayors, and has received multiple Most Compassionate City awards.
  • There are academic resources available to the International Center in Louisville that were not available in Seattle.
  • Louisville's existing groups are resources and collaborators in the effort to making compassion a vibrant presence in the world.
  • Louisville is closer to the mean center of the population of the United States and closer to Europe in terms to time zones (for example, our new center in Nottingham, United Kingdom, and the International Center's Director of Research in Bergerac, France).
Map - Move to Louisville
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