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Want to do something beyond "thoughts and prayers." Help make schools safe: please make a tax-deductible (in the United States) contribution today to help us bring these powerful skills to students (grades 9 - 12) in the United States.


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The International Student Emissary Program

Studen Activism

The International Student Emissary Program (ISEP) is a free education and support program for student leaders in grades 9 through 12 who act as informed and skilled emissaries for safe schools.

"What do I say to my 14-year-old daughter
when she tells me she's terrified to go to school?"

With continuing violent conflict throughout the world; the shootings, bullying, and suicides in the United States; and the emerging leadership by young people in the United States to confront and work to end the morbidity and mortality associated with violence, the social environment is primed to apply effective, demonstrated, and evidence-based violence prevention and restoration approaches.

March for Our Lives

The power of student leadership was clearly demonstrated in the “March for Our Lives” on 24 March 2018. With more than 800 protests encompassing every state in America as well and on every continent in the world (except Antarctica), young people were able to illustrate the problem of gun violence, the need to adopt life-saving legislation, and a drive to get out the vote. These students produced results in areas of concern to most Americans in stark contrast to the inability of national political leadership to generate similar results.

A Leadership Training and Support Program

The “March for Our Lives” — a student-developed and student-led initiative — clearly demonstrates the leadership capability of young people. The ISEP is designed to give student-leaders everywhere valuable tools to effectively respond to and prevent violence in all forms, including:

  • Successfully engaging alienated students who are at risk of violence against other students.
  • Effectively countering gullying behavior among students.
  • Sensitively responding to student despair and loss of meaning for those engaged in suicide ideation.
  • Proactively supporting students considering dropping out of school to stay in.

The Violence Integrative Prevention and Restoration (PAR) Model is the foundational element of the ISEP. It is a demonstrated, evidence-based and practical approach to violence reduction and prevention built upon a public health foundation (nonreligious, nonpolitical). The model is a significant departure from the traditional punitive approach for dealing with violence (descriptive document available). The PAR Model has been successfully demonstrated in a broad range of settings from schools to a Level 5 (maximum security) prison.

The ISEP shifts student experience from
powerlessness to powerful action.

They develop effective, productive,
and life-enhancing capabilities that will
help prevent and reduce violence: skills
that will be of lifelong value.

The ISEP program involves providing PAR Model skills (including compassionate conflict management) to select student leaders in grades 9 through 12. This education program consists of on-site trainings (pilot programs at select schools), self-paced online training programs, webinars, online and on-site conferences, and individual consulting and coaching. A research component is also included. Using online tools, Student Emissaries will be able to connect, exchange ideas, and provide mutual support.

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