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Mr. Buck — a qualified psychotherapist — has valuable experience working with community programs related to health, education, employment, and crime and community safety.




Jeff Buck  

Jeff Buck

Jeff Buck is the Associate Director at the International Center for Compassionate Organizations — United Kingdom.

Mr. Buck has served as a consultant and senior project manager for a number of UK Government-funded urban regeneration programs in some of Nottingham’s more disadvantaged areas, both in the inner city and on a large, isolated outer-city housing project.

Specializing in networking, partnership development and community involvement, he developed and managed projects addressing issues in health, education, employment and training, and crime and community safety. Mr. Buck was also involved in a number of projects focusing on the power of art, culture, and leisure provision to help bring about change in communities.

During the course of his regeneration work, Mr. Buck chaired the West Area Learning Partnership (a multi-agency group set up to improve delivery of education services), Broxtowe Employment, Skills and Training (a community-based training provider) and represented the voluntary sector on Nottingham’s Local Strategic Partnership.

A native of Nottingham, Mr. Buck recently retired as a trustee and director of a successful social enterprise that offers work experience and training opportunities to young adults with learning disabilities, through the operation of a successful community café. Responsible for business development, fundraising, publicity, and marketing, he also developed the organization as a community hub offering social activities to young disabled people and older members of the neighborhood. The café offered a local base for the Nottingham Credit Union, a local foodbank, a Memory Café for dementia sufferers, and two groups focusing on alleviating mental health problems.

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