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Mr. Trute is an experienced, caring, and professional presence in the global movement to make compassion a living value and practice.



Darran Trute  

Darran Trute

Darran Trute is the Executive Director of the International Center for Compassionate Organizations - United Kingdom, located in Nottingham, England. He coordinates the International Center - UK's day-to-day activities, developing key initiatives, and establishing partnerships and relationships with other organizations.

Mr. Trute has been engaged with the International Center in the United States since its inception. He first came to the attention of Ari Cowan, the International Center's International Director General, when he and Mr. Trute attended and made presentations at the 2012 Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference in London.

Mr. Trute has created a range of transformational partnership initiatives, helping to innovate, co-ordinate, and develop the activity of a large group of private, voluntary, and statutory organizations to support over 70,000 individuals. He has delivered workshops on caring mindfulness and compassion training in leadership and partnership environments which helped improve teamwork and performance, support adaptive cultures, and aid strategic purpose and direction. 

One of his partnership projects was recognized as one of the highest performing in the country by a large national funding organization in the United Kingdom. 

Mr. Trute is also co-owner of Positive News the worlds first positive solution focused Newspaper.

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