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Programs are presented:

Online On Site On Site at the International Center


The Center offers the following course configurations:

Dialogues Orientation Basic
Intermediate Advanced Master

NOTE: Those successfully completing Master programs are qualified to teach other course configurations.


The International Center's education programs will expand throughout 2019. Please be sure to check back for updated and expanded information.



Learning Compassion Skills

International Center education programs include:

  • Standardized curricula conducted online, on-site, and at the International Center.
  • Custom curricula designed for specific organizational applications.

Coming Soon

Programs currently in development are:


Compassion, Leadership, and Success
— building understanding and skills to build your compassion competency — key skills for personal, social, and professional leadership and success. Orientation, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced trainings are in development.


Compassionate Conflict Management
— dealing with conflict in the workplace, schools, government, and other settings. Orientation, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced trainings are in development.


Upcoming Offerings

  On Site Compassionate Trust Leader Training
— a special program for those wanting to further their compassionate conflict management skills.

Compassionate Leadership
— an in-depth program designed for leaders (and those working to become leaders) in a broad range of professional settings.

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